Day Two (Part Two)– Montréal

I thought traveling alone might be lonely, but I meet people everywhere I go! Halfway through the train ride, a lovely Québecoise named Isabelle got on, and we chatted for most of the train ride. We talked (in English) about my plans, her family, how she’d lived in Kansas for a while since she’s military. Her sister happens to live in Quebec City, and she gave me her info since she frequently hosts couch surfers, in case I want to stay there. Throughout the conversation, she seemed very skeptical of my language skills and how I’d get on in Montréal, and got really excited when I finally started speaking French. She said I sound parisienne and said I’ll have no trouble at all. When she left, she gave me her email and said I need to tell her where I end up and what I’m doing, and I can always come visit her in Kingston when she’s home.

I took a taxi from the station, and the driver had a hell of a time finding my AirBnB, so half of me thought it was a scam, but we eventually made it. My host Simon is super sweet; he had cookies on the table and sheets ready fresh from the dryer. His apartment looks like something out of Nest. He has an accordion as a decoration and can also play it. I’m all unpacked and eating mutter paneer from my E mug right now. Might go out in a bit to meet Simon if I feel up to it.


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